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[Java] Java instruction for Beginner.


Hi Java beginner :), if you are a Java newcomer, I think you will have many questions such as: where should I begin ? How to learn Java ? Where are good Java lession ? etc.

So, I will list some items from low to high for you. They are tools, forums, framework, design, etc. I will update this topic with new other items day-by-day and I hope it can help you :). Ok, let start:

  1. IDE tool for Java programming: eclipse, Netbean, (I like using Eclipse than Netbean 🙂 )
  2. Java Forums: java_on_stackoverflow
  3. Helpful Java frameworks: JavaFX, Springs, Hibernate, etc
  4. OO Design:
  5. Basic Java tutorial:

Share this topic if it is helpful 🙂


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