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[Monaca] How to insert/update/delete JS/CSS components in Monaca project


During woking on hybrid mobile application using Monaca, we will need to insert/update/delete some necessary JS/CSS components such as ChartJS for our project. How can we do that ? Please follow steps at below snapshot for detail:

how to access monaca components

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[Cordova] Display Onsen UI popover as dropdown

It is very easy to display an Onsen UI popover as dropdown.

For full example, please refer here

Below is detail of code to display popover using Onsen UI

  • HTML
<body ng-controller="DropdownController">
Dropdown example
</ons-toolbar> </ons-page> <ons-template id="popover.html"> <ons-popover cancelable direction="down"> <ons-list> <ons-list-item ng-repeat="option in options" modifier="tappable"> {{ option }} </ons-list-item> </ons-list> </ons-popover> </ons-template> </body>
  • JS
.controller('DropdownController', function($scope) {
  ons.ready(function() {
    ons.createPopover('popover.html').then(function(popover) {
      $scope.popover = popover;

  $scope.options = ['Load', 'Sync', 'Settings'];
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[Cordova] How to download a file


To download a file from given URL, we need the cordova-plugin-file-transfer plugin. You also install this plugin by command:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file-transfer

Then, use below code:

 function downloadFile(downloadedFileName, downloadLink) {

var fileURL;
if (monaca.isAndroid === true) {
var androidDownloadPath = ‘/storage/emulated/0/path/to/’;
fileURL = androidDownloadPath + downloadedFileName;
} else {
var iosDownloadPath = cordova.file.documentsDirectory;
fileURL = iosDownloadPath + downloadedFileName;
var uri = encodeURI(downloadLink);
processDownloadFile(uri, fileURL);


function processDownloadFile(uri, fileURL) {
var encodedFileURL = encodeURI(fileURL);
var fileTransfer = new FileTransfer();
function(entry) {
console.log(“Download complete ! Place of downloaded file: ” + entry.toURL() + ” – Source: ” + uri);
function(error) {
console.error(“error source ” + error.source + ” – download error target ” + + ” – upload error code” + error.code);
false, {
headers: {
“Authorization”: “Basic false headers”

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[Cordova] Tips: How to delete a file


Actually, it is very easy and simple because you can use the cordova-plugin-file

You can download the file plugin with command:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file

Demo code:

var path = "file:///storage/emulated/0";
var filename = "myfile.txt";

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(path, function(dir) {
	dir.getFile(filename, {create:false}, function(fileEntry) {
                  // The file has been removed succesfully
                  // Error deleting the file
                 // The file doesn't exist

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How create Android using Ionic + Cordova + Android Studio

If you want to create an Android application using Ionic + Cordova + Android Studio. You can refer below steps:

– Step 1: open “Git Bash” application

Featured image

– Step 2: run command: ionic start <app_name> <app_type> .Example: ionic start myApp sidemenu

Featured image
– Step 3: move tp <app_name> folder and add android/ios platform for it by command: “ionic platform add <android/ios>”. Example: ionic platform add android
– Step 4: build project by command: ionic build <android/ios> . Example: ionic build android
– Step 5: open the project by Android Studio (open not import)

Featured image

– Step 6: configure for run app

Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

  • Result on Brower:


You can refer this link for other reference.

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